The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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Atkinsons Private Nursing Homes, Sandhurst

Bringing back the Art of Letter Writing | Atkinsons Private Nursing Homes

Letters used to be a staple of communication. Sending news, keeping war-separated lovers connected, sharing feelings and emotions, or a way to make a friend halfway around the world.

Letters recorded our thoughts and most importantly our history. During these COVID times, our Care and Nursing homes have many ways in which we can all stay connected mainly through technology, but a handwritten letter can sometimes mean so much.

This week Angela our Activities Coordinator at Fourways residential (Our residential home in the Atkinsons private nursing homes Group) home is carrying out one-to-one sessions with residents, to promote writing cards and letters to loved ones, she is on a mission to convince others that handwritten letters should and could make a comeback!

Here are some reasons why letters are so important!

  • Handwriting is personal There is nothing quite like the personal touch of a handwritten letter, the paper is chosen, the marks of the pen of someone’s choice. The time and personal thought which went into the. Effort.
  • Letter writing takes time and thoughtfulness A text or an email isn’t usually well thought out. It is merely a ‘quick’ answer reply, but letter writing takes time and reflection and is filled with thoughts, love and news.
  • They are worth saving – not easily deleted
  • A moment in time is frozen within a letter, we usually tuck them away in a memory box or in a draw, and can provide get comfort when found again as they contain the essence of the person in our memory.

What do you think? Do you like writing letters? Comment below!

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