Supporting Local Businesses

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Supporting Local Businesses

In today’s consumer environment, many large corporate chains have taken over, leaving little room for small independent family businesses. Price is a huge benefit to using large chains. However, the cost of losing local businesses is much greater. Add the threat of a COVID market and this is an increasingly relevant topic.

Atkinson’s Homes have been supporting local businesses for over 40 years! We believe local communities thrive by partnering with local companies and suppliers. We actively encourage a sustainable community, as well as building strong relationships with locally established family businesses.

Benefits of using Local Produce

Knowing where our food has come from

It allows us to have better control over the freshness of our meals. We have greater control over the quality of the food we provide for our residents. This is especially reassuring in today’s C-19 world.

Environmental Impact

By using local suppliers we can limit environmental impact. Buying local allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. Fresh foods take a lot less time to travel to reach our dinner plates.

Fresh Seasonal Produce

By using local suppliers we can ensure the freshness of our food. Buying local means produce is exposed less to harsh chemicals. Mix this with the reduced travel time and you get some extremely fresh food!

Do you support local?

Comment below how you are supporting local businesses and the community. If you have any ideas or want to collaborate with us don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Link: Our local business director

Tel: 01276 31838


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