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Strong vs authoritarian leadership

Care and Nursing homes need strong leadership in place to be managed successfully. So, what does a Successful care manager look like?

Some leaders assume strong management is dominating. Bossing their workforce around and controlling every aspect of their work. However, an authoritarian leadership style is the worst kind of leadership in a Care setting. It causes knock-on effects leaving staff unmotivated, feeling unappreciated and with low morale. As a result, this can then lead to poor quality of care towards residents. This systematically changes the environment of a once happy home, into a controlled depressing place to both live and work.

Kindness, compassion & respect

A successful Care Manager leads by example. Compassion, kindness, and respect to all. Spreading love around the home and wider community. A firm direction is needed to ensure compliance and regulatory legislation is upheld. This should be done through the empowerment of resource information and training in a constructive manner.

A Care Manager who thinks they know all the answers inevitably doesn’t. Asking your team for ideas and information sets the correct tone. Which, in turn, gives others opportunities to bring ideas forward. Have the willingness to listen to ‘out of the box’ ideas. You never know when a pivotal idea may crop up. A good Care Manager will ensure their staff members feel comfortable to speak their truth and uphold a ‘no-blame’ culture. Allow lessons to be learnt, and help staff members to understand that we are working together towards a common goal; ‘the best care possible’.

Being a Successful care manager in today’s climate can be stressful. Ultimately, the responsibility weighs heavily on their shoulders. However, it is always worth it. This role gives a strong sense of purpose. It’s an honour to be part of people’s lives during their final chapter. There is a strong sense of fulfilment while carrying out our duties.

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