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Sandhurst Care Home: Remaining Active with Dementia

Remaining Active with Dementia

All of our Care and Nursing homes within the Atkinsons Private Nursing Home Group promote staying as active as possible. Having dementia doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life, just because you have moved into a Residential home We have many ways in which we will keep you active and staying independent, in touch with other people, and improve your overall quality of life. There are all sorts of activities that you can do in our homes, physical, mental social and creative. You may want to try out new activities or continue with ones you enjoy – we will try to adapt as much as possible during these Covid times which makes some activities harder to access.

  • Creating a scrapbook or photo album
  • Playing games or cards and doing word, number or jigsaw puzzles
  • Reading books, newspapers or magazines
  • Listening to audiobooks, the radio or music
  • Doing arts and crafts – for example, knitting, painting, singing, dancing, writing and poetry
  • Gardening, which could be inside or outside, example – tabletop gardening
  • Studying – for example, open university or Udemy. Any free (or paid) courses online or by postal

You may find that some activities take you longer than they did before. You may need to make changes to the way you do things or have some support to be able to do them. Atkinson Private Nursing Homes offer activities support to keep your quality of life as full as possible, making sure you can continue the hobbies you enjoy most, as well as undertaking new ones.

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