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Dignity in care

The Importance of Maintaining Dignity In Care

At Atkinson’s Care and Nursing homes, we understand that Dignity for our residents is paramount.

All of our Care and Nursing teams have been professionally trained in Dignity and Respect for quality person-centred caregiving. We assess each resident individually to establish their own preferences and choices, which are essential to our care planning around everyone’s unique requirements.

These are a few of the many ways our service promotes Dignity within our homes:

  • Involve Residents and families, to tailor their presences of care and support
  • Respect all personal space and possessions
  • Handle hygiene activities sensitively and discreetly
  • Understand how to detect pain and to respond with medical assistance
  • Promote social activities, which are meaningful to the individual
  • Let people make their own decisions which give them empowerment
  • Be available to always listen to how another may feel.

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For a Complimentary Assessment of care and support needs, please contact our head office and they will arrange a call to suit you or your love one. the Registered Home manager will call you directly and discuss your care and support we can offer.