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dementia care Sandhurst

Our Homes, based in Sandhurst, have so many benefits to support and care for people with Dementia, we have listed some ways in which we have achieved a high score in completing “The King’s Fund Dementia Assessment“, which is an assessment tool guide on Dementia studies by The University of Worcester, which reflects the latest research evidence, best practice and survey responses from those who have used the tools in practice.


Each room within our Care and Nursing homes is designed with being private, cosy and a safe place which promotes a good night’s sleep. To assist our residents to find their way to their own room we have used ‘Memory framed Personalisation’ clear bright and colourful doors with professional guidance signs.

Toilets and bathrooms

By understanding that toilets and bathrooms need to be safe and easy places for a person with dementia to use. The right design and colour can help a person with dementia to maintain their independence and dignity for personal care. Our purpose-designed wet rooms and adapted baths offer extra peace of mind.


All of our homes are bright and airy which makes the best possible use of natural daylight. We use effective lighting which is particularly important for people with dementia as it can help them make sense of their environment.


Our gardens are designed to be both “wheelchair and Dementia-friendly” we have specialist adaptations, such as “grab rails” low-level ramps and low easy to access flower beds, which residents can enjoy attending too.

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