Coronavirus update from our homes | 23/07/2021

Atkinsons Private Nursing Home Covid Update

Quick update:

Care home Coronavirus update

COVID-19 Update from Atkinson’s Private Nursing Homes . 23/07/2021

Updated COVID 19 Visitor Restrictions

Appointments must be booked in advance and are at designated times

  • Visits are for a maximum of 1 hour to facilitate appropriate cleaning between visits.
  • Up to 4 ‘designated visitors’ are able to visit daily.
  • A valid LFD test result, completed on the day of the visit, needs to be shown to the staff – text or email response.
  • All visitors must be free of any COVID symptoms and have their temperature checked.
  • To complete the visiting proforma.
  • Visits will predominantly take place in the most ventilated area of each respective home
  • Upon arrival, you will be asked to Sanitise your hands and be given a fresh, regulated mask which must be worn for the duration of the visit
  • Hugging & kissing is discouraged at this time
  • Once your visit is completed then please inform staff by ringing the call bell.
  • Prior to leaving remove your gloves and aprons (if worn), dispose of in the clinical waste bin and sanitise your hands.
  • Remove your mask, dispose of in the clinical waste, and sanitise your hands again.

In the event of any suspected or actual outbreak of COVID within the home restrictions on visiting will immediately be implemented and all relatives will be informed accordingly.

Communication channels remain open constantly using the following tools:

  • Main Telephone Numbers of all homes and Head Office remain open
  • Postal and hand-delivered Letters/cards
  • Emails and Skype 
  • Relatives Gateway
  • Facebook, we have an individual Facebook page for every home
  • Every home has portals in place
  • What’s App
  • Zoom & Messenger

Reducing the Risk from COVID-19

  • We closed our doors to all visitors at the start of the pandemic, as the situation escalated quickly across the nation. Any visitors, such as visiting health professionals, only enter the care home if it is necessary and if they have followed strict infection control procedures. This includes wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and of course, making sure that good hand hygiene is always followed.
  • You will have seen the news about concerns relating to masks,  gloves and aprons. We want to assure you that we are following the correct procedures to make sure we protect you and our staff teams. We are keeping up to date with all the guidance and are making sure that our staff know how to use the correct equipment.
  • Any staff with symptoms, or staff who have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19,  are not coming to work and are following the government’s guidance on self-isolation. After a negative test is given, we will then do a personal test before a full return to work.
  • We do understand that not everyone will have the same symptoms of a persistent/new cough and temperature or loss of smell and taste, and our staff understand the need to look for other symptoms and act immediately.
  • Regular testing is taking place
  • We have put arrangements into place for people to keep in contact with your loved ones.    

We will of course continue to review and update changes.

A note from our Owner, Rowen Atkinson:

As a provider of the homes, I am personally committed to ensuring that all homes are well stocked with all PPE equipment, and each home has a storage amount of barrier nursing for up to 3 months in the eventuality of a 3rd lockdown. I have the taken necessary steps to ensure our kitchen larders are fully over-stocked with supplies. I support every single member of the staffing team at every home and have made myself available to always support my Management team during this very difficult time. The decisions we are making now are extremely difficult, but ones that will save lives.

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If you have any queries regarding the above please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to provide any information you would like and aim to be continue operating as transparently as possible with residents, their loved ones and the rest of the Sandhurst community.

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