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Coping with cancer | Health Under The Spotlight

At Atkinson’s Care & Nursing Homes, we focus on helping you or a loved one to relieve your symptoms, enhance your overall well-being, assist with daily activities, and improving overall quality of life. Formal research and patient feedback confirms that care and support can help significantly reduce the stress and anxiety associated with cancer; Unwelcome […]

Parkinson’s Disease | Health Under the Spotlight

Our second blog in our ‘Health Under The Spotlight’ Series. In this series, we’ll be dissecting some special conditions and explaining how, as a care provider, we would help to support our residents. Parkinson’s disease is caused by a loss of nerve cells in substantial migraine of the brain. This leads to a reduction in […]

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Autumn Bird Migration | Nature Watch Project

As the arrival of October brings many changes to nature, one sight to behold is the UK bird migration. Flocks of swans and geese arriving at our shores and the disappearance of swallows are among the events we may witness this autumn, with many of these processes already well underway. Overall, it is thought that […]

Understanding Diabetes | Health under the spotlight

Welcome to the first of our ‘Health Under The Spotlight’ series. We’ll be dissecting some special conditions and explaining how, as a care provider, we would help to support our residents. Diabetes Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes, also known as hyperglycaemia. If you have type 2 diabetes, your blood sugar […]

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Personalised Environments in Care

The importance of a Personalised Environment At Atkinsons Care Home, Sandhurst, we pride ourselves on being a ‘home from home’. One of the way’s we do these is by personalising the residents surrounding. A personalised environment is very important in a Care home. Part of making sure residents have the dignity and respect they deserve […]

Fourways Residential Care Home, Sandhurst

Fourways Residential Care Home Based in Sandhurst, this is our residential care home. Designed to accommodate 20 residents. This allows us to maintain a warm, intimate and homely atmosphere. We recently refurbished the home. New flooring – Infection control & aids with grip (Guidance) New Furniture Dementia-friendly signage – Aids independence, easy guidance for residents. […]

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Supporting Local Businesses

In today’s consumer environment, many large corporate chains have taken over, leaving little room for small independent family businesses. Price is a huge benefit to using large chains. However, the cost of losing local businesses is much greater. Add the threat of a COVID market and this is an increasingly relevant topic. Atkinson’s Homes have […]

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Common Fears Of Moving Into a Care Home

The decision to move into a Care Home is a big life-changing event, especially with current events. As such, it comes accompanied by common and understandable fears. Below we have outlined some examples of common fears of moving into a care home that many residents suffer with and how we can help them overcome these issues.

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Strong leadership | A Successful Care Manager

Strong vs authoritarian leadership Care and Nursing homes need strong leadership in place to be managed successfully. So, what does a Successful care manager look like? Some leaders assume strong management is dominating. Bossing their workforce around and controlling every aspect of their work. However, an authoritarian leadership style is the worst kind of leadership […]

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Dementia Care | Exercise & activities

Exercise for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia Exercise is an excellent way to improve well-being and reduce challenging behaviours in seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The important thing is to find exercises that are enjoyable and safe for their ability level. Staying active also improves sleep, strength, and circulation. It’s also a great way to […]