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Health Under The Spotlight | Identifying Dementia

Identifying Dementia – Changes in behaviour All of our staff are fully trained in Identifying and understanding and Dementia. There are certain changes in behaviour which can help in identifying dementia. A person may start to behave differently as their dementia progresses. Many loved ones and friends can find dealing with this more difficult than […]

Kindness in the Sandhurst Community | Start small

Small Acts of Kindness in Sandhurst | COVID aware Kindness Spreading joy can be done from anywhere. During these difficult times, it’s easy to feel like your connection with the outside world has gotten smaller, but there are many ways to strengthen your sense of community while still practicing social distancing, and one way to […]

Remaining Active with Dementia | Health Under The Spotlight

Remaining Active with Dementia All of our Care and Nursing homes within the Atkinsons Private Nursing Home Group promote staying as active as possible. Having dementia doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life, just because you have moved into a Residential home We have many ways in which we will keep you active […]

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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Bringing back the Art of Letter Writing | Atkinsons Private Nursing Homes Letters used to be a staple of communication. Sending news, keeping war-separated lovers connected, sharing feelings and emotions, or a way to make a friend halfway around the world. Letters recorded our thoughts and most importantly our history. During these COVID times, our […]

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Support after a Stroke | Health Under The Spotlight

At Atkinsons homes, we understand that families impacted by a loved one suffering a stroke can be drastic, to say the least. We understand this fact very well and we have over 40 years experience of supporting and caring for people. Our compassionate, reliable staff understand the post-stroke recovery process and have extensive experience in adapting […]

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Multiple Sclerosis | Health Under The Spotlight

Multiple Sclerosis known as MS is an autoimmune disease where your immune system attacks your central nervous system by mistake. This attack damages myelin, the coating that protects nerve fibres in the brain spinal cord and eyes. The cause is unknown however it is believed that infection by a slow-moving virus or abnormalities with the […]

Coronavirus update from our homes | 23/07/2021

Quick update: Care home Coronavirus update COVID-19 Update from Atkinson’s Private Nursing Homes . 23/07/2021 Updated COVID 19 Visitor Restrictions Appointments must be booked in advance and are at designated times Visits are for a maximum of 1 hour to facilitate appropriate cleaning between visits. Up to 4 ‘designated visitors’ are able to visit daily. […]

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How we use Assistive Technology in our Care Homes

At Atkinsons Care and Nursing homes, we understand that there is a fine balance between using assistive technology and maintaining the human approach in care. Technology can be used in a variety of ways to help people with dementia in their daily living and this is known as “assistive technology” put simply, this kind of […]

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Dementia Care Sandhurst | Specialised Environments

Our Homes, based in Sandhurst, have so many benefits to support and care for people with Dementia, we have listed some ways in which we have achieved a high score in completing “The King’s Fund Dementia Assessment“, which is an assessment tool guide on Dementia studies by The University of Worcester, which reflects the latest […]

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Dementia Care | Person-Centred Dementia Care Planning

Atkinsons Care and Nursing homes | Dementia Care At Atkinsons Care and Nursing homes, each resident has a care plan that is tailored to their own unique preferences and choices, alongside their spiritual, occupational, physical, and day-to-day living needs. This ensures each resident is fully supported and able to enjoy meaningful experiences and activities that […]