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A Guide to Caring for Dementia | Atkinsons Nursing

We’ve read so many blogs, articles and watched so many videos on Caring for Dementia. And what they don’t go into it just how hard it can be. It’s a brutal, unforgiving and cruel disease. The common promise from typical care homes is an ‘easier time, stress-free and alleviation of your pain. But, what you […]

Lasting Power of Attorney | Atkinsons Homes

Lasting Power of Attorney At Atkinsons Homes, we will help you guide through all the information. A lasting power of attorney (LPA) is a legal document which allows individuals to give people they trust the authority to manage their affairs if they lack the capacity to make certain decisions for themselves in the future. To […]

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5 Ways to Re-use Jam Jars | Care Home Sandhurst

At Atkinson’s Private Care & Nursing Homes, Sandhurst, we are always looking for crafty ideas to make with our residents. Angela, our activities co-ordinator at Fourways, will be recycling and reusing jam jars with the residents as a part of their weekly activities. Here are her five ideas to get you crafty; Pincushion and Sewing […]

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Dementia | Making life easier

Making Life easier with Dementia Having dementia doesn’t mean you need to stop doing the things you enjoy, but it can make things more difficult. The following tips might help: Put a regular routine in place – you might find it easier and more reassuring to do things at the same time each day or […]

Supporting Arthritis | Health Under The Spotlight

Supporting Arthritis Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Symptoms of arthritis are primarily joint pain and stiffness. These symptoms usually progress with age. Two of the most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is characterised by the breakdown and degeneration of joint cartilage. It is the result of the ageing […]

Mouth Care | Health Under The Spotlight

Helping Residents to Maintain Good Mouth Care A focus on mouth care is a necessity of meeting fundamental care needs. It’s important to gain an insight into the oral health of the resident on admission to our homes. An assessment of the health status of the mouth, lips, natural teeth and/or dentures will help establish […]

Hypertension | Health Under The Spotlight

Health under the Spotlight Series: Hypertension Another blog in our ‘Health Under The Spotlight’ Series. In this series, we’ll be dissecting some special conditions and explaining how, as a care provider, we would help to support our residents. This week, we’ll be dissecting Hypertension. What is hypertension Our blood pressure increases naturally as we grow […]

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Types of Dementia | Health Under The Spotlight

Types of Dementia There are many different types of dementia. It is not always clear why some people get dementia while others don’t, it depends on a combination of genes, age, health and lifestyle. Vascular Dementia There are several types of Vascular dementia. One type is caused by a stroke (called stroke-related dementia) another is […]

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Maintaining Dignity In Care | Atkinsons Homes

The Importance of Maintaining Dignity In Care At Atkinson’s Care and Nursing homes, we understand that Dignity for our residents is paramount. All of our Care and Nursing teams have been professionally trained in Dignity and Respect for quality person-centred caregiving. We assess each resident individually to establish their own preferences and choices, which are […]

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Health Under The Spotlight | Identifying Dementia

Identifying Dementia – Changes in behaviour All of our staff are fully trained in Identifying and understanding and Dementia. There are certain changes in behaviour which can help in identifying dementia. A person may start to behave differently as their dementia progresses. Many loved ones and friends can find dealing with this more difficult than […]