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5 ways to re use jam jars

At Atkinson’s Private Care & Nursing Homes, Sandhurst, we are always looking for crafty ideas to make with our residents.

Angela, our activities co-ordinator at Fourways, will be recycling and reusing jam jars with the residents as a part of their weekly activities.

Here are her five ideas to get you crafty;

  1. Pincushion and Sewing Kits – You can keep all your sewing bits together in a jar and you can even make the lid into a pin cushion
  2. Memory Jars To keep all little mementoes like shells, dried flowers or small souvenirs, you can make a different memory jar for each trip, you can label the front with the dates you went.
  3. Inspiration Jars – Write some of your favourite quotes, poems and pieces of advice down on separate scraps of paper and fill a jar with them. Whenever you feel in need of a boost, take one out a read it.
  4. Jewellery Storage Jars If you’re always misplacing your jewellery, you can keep it all together in one place.
  5. Grow your own herbs – Even if you don’t have a garden, you can get in on the grow-your-own craze by putting a thin layer of gravel in an empty jam jar, half-filling with soil and planting your favourite herb seeds, you can put on your kitchen window-sill, your own herb garden.

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